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Helen is co-founder of the Nature Nurtures approach and Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten, a progressive early years setting in Worcestershire, UK. Helen is an Early Years Teacher with a degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Pyschoanalytic Observational Stduies with a focus on infant and young child observation. Having completed RIE® Foundations™, Helen is currently working with RIE® Associate and Mentor, Deborah Carlisle Solomon as a RIE® Practicum™ Student. With more than 15 years experience working across the birth to five age range, Helen places great value in sensitive and respectful care and support for children.

Hannah is co-founder of Nature Nurtures and Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten in Worcestershire, UK. Hannah’s career began in science where she specialised in paediatrics. Her interest in Early Years Education is borne from a passion for research, with a particular focus on the birth to five age range. She has a passion for progressive education, and seeks to keep the values of Nature Nurtures alive and well and relevant in the current high stakes testing environment found in the mainstream education system. "But go look outside! What a rich and wonderful environment in which to nurture infants and young children (and us adults too)!"

Our Ethos

For us, early childhood is the time not for competitiveness but for self discovery and developing curiosity, confidence and the skills to become active participants in a democratic society.

Our Mission

To improve outcomes for children by sharing knowledge and practice, and to challenge and improve what we do by keeping our minds open to new ways of thinking and being.

Our Resources

Our shop includes Pikler equipment, natural materials, free downloads and recommended reading. Check out what we're working on and keep up to date with the latest arrivals in the shop.

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Defending the Early Years: Respect, Collaboration and Communication

The Nature Nurtures National Conference takes place every year and is a diverse gathering of more than 150 attendees from around the country. Listen to educators and speakers from around the world, meet new friends and like-minded folk, re-connect with colleagues, reflect on your own practice and/or parenting, and grow your understanding of what it means to be an important person in a child's life.

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Respect, Collaboration, Communication

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