Our Home

We work from a farm in the wilds of Worcestershire. We bring together like-minded folk from the early childhood and education sector, empower them with the knowledge and confidence they need to set forth on their own journey.

A Note From Our Founder - Hannah Reeve

To have Nature Nurtures come alive is a dream for me, because it's something that I've had in my mind for years. It has evolved and grown over the last few years, and we are excited about the journey ahead. Nature Nurtures is something we want people to feel proud of, and to know that it represents who we all are as educators, as people working with children, as people that are outside everyday, and people that are making a difference with their daily lives.

I feel incredibly lucky. I'm surrounded by a wonderful community of like-minded educators, of my family, of people that always believed in our projects and our vision. All of this goodwill I've tried to put into creating Nature Nurtures and to attract the most talented people that I could find. It's about making no nonsense opportunities for people to learn how to set up their own nature-based, outdoor projects for their children and their communities, that people will appreciate and really like. But it's also about telling stories of what people are doing, people that are really working super hard on their projects, to serve their communities, and I want to tell those stories.

I've been working with families for 10 years and through all these years I've helped design projects and set up innovative ways of working. I've been a consultant for organisations that do amazing work. And now it’s time for me to be working with our incredible team to continue trying to find the innovative ways, the better ways to do what needs to be done, which is to connect children with nature right now.

I've always felt really fortunate to be walking in the trails that the pioneers paved before me. Now at this point, it's about setting up the new generation so that they'll succeed. It's about passing the torch, and supporting others to tell their stories. So all of this simply to say outdoor nurseries are changing the world and I want to be part of that, and I want you to be part of that, and I want us to all be part of that.

Let's change the world!

-Hannah Reeve