We launched the Roundhouse to help you find and start running your dream business in weeks instead of several months or years. As fellow social entrepreneurs in the Early Childhood and education sector we know that the biggest challenge you face is getting those ideas off the ground.

We also know that the upfront investment in a new business is often prohibitive and we want to change that.

Our team conducts extensive research to identify and create exciting projects and business ideas that align with our Nature Nurtures values.

We then build out these ideas into full-fledged premium starter businesses or revenue-generating businesses that are unique, live and ready-to-run.

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Price: £ 12650,00

High quality, respectful baby care


This is an Early Years Setting for babies up to 24 months old with a respectful care focused approach, drawing on our team’s training in Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®).


Though only a year old, the business is already profitable from the sale of respectful baby care services to parents in Worcestershire. It generates 100% organic leads from word of mouth, as well as leads from a separate associated business. As a result, this business is valued at £12,650. This business would benefit from remaining in the Worcestershire area or surrounding counties. If you are interested in a similar business in a different area, please contact us.


The business includes a professionally designed website, dozens of high quality articles and expert content, all policies and procedures, customer lead lists, and existing customer lists. Because of the specialist approach to baby care, this business comes with staff training and start up support included. Payment plans available.

If you are interested in a having a similar business in your own geographical area, get in touch today.

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