Small & Wild is a brand new herbal tea created especially with children in mind. The four delicious herbal infusions in the range have been lovingly crafted to create flavours that kids love, along with enticing smells and colours that will get their taste buds and imaginations excited.

Each tea is packed full of brilliant ingredients - from fruits to flowers and herbs – which are carefully placed into biodegradable pyramid tea bags allowing the full flavour to be released. The teas are 100% natural, ethically sourced and caffeine free, with no added sugar or nasties, making Small & Wild a really wholesome drink for children. All blends are super tasty either served warm or cold brewed.

Small & Wild founders and tea aficionados, Becky Coletto & Kate Towers, were frustrated by the lack of healthy drinks available for young children. Both Mums loved nothing more than sitting down for a lovely cuppa. One day, whilst doing exactly this, they were inspired to create a range of herbal teas for children, knowing that this would provide a low sugar, yet completely natural way for kids to stay hydrated. Small & Wild also gives children a chance to take a breather and join in the comfort of having a great cup of tea.

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